Damaged Windows

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Repair vs. Replacement of Damaged Windows 

Most of the homeowner today are choosing to have their broken windows replaced together with the frame as most old houses has wooden frame for today, there are lots of options in the market of a replacement frames that is made of vinyl, metal or fiberglass and this happens for a reason. And if your windows got damaged and you are not sure whether you should have it replaced or repaired, it is recommended that you ask opinion of the glass repair Manchester professionals. 

 Damaged Windows

One of the reasons why most homeowners have their broken windows repaired is because of the trend in home improvement that could have a significant result and these replacement windows and being mass produced making it very affordable in the market. Having too many supplies will lead to cheaper price and this could greatly benefit the consumers. 

Window replacement might be a budget friendly and at the same time not bad for the environment. Recent homeowners are now shifting in the market as double glazing is becoming more popular alternative in single pane windows over single glazed windows and maybe because it is an old fashioned and it is commonly associated with problems like condensation and leaks. Due to the advancement of technology, these problems are resolved and also prevented because of the technology that is being used in the production of double glazed and triple glazed windows. 

If you are choosing to replace your broken window, ensure that you are going for the better choice. When talking about the benefits, double and triple glazing windows are more beneficial compared to single pane window. Not only it is more energy efficient but it also offers many advantages but despite of the availability of many options of different window replacement that is in the market today, there are lots of homeowners in UK is still choosing to repair their broken window instead of replacing them. Even their financial savings remain a priority for people who love DIY projects, there are still many homeowners are being committed in helping the effort of the government in the preservation of the environment. These are people who prefer contributing in the environment campaigns that are aiming in reducing environmental footprint. This why they are trying to repair their old windows with the use of greener window components which are readily available in the market today.  

Here are 7 crucial factors that you should choose replacement than repair 

When you are determining the advantages in price for both repair and replacements of your windows that have wooden frames, these factors are to be considered. 

  •  Cracked or broken glass that involves safety and acuity 
  •  Rotting or splitting muntins or its vertical pieces of wood that are separating the glass panes. 
  • Upper or lower sashes that won’t move. This involves the coat of paint, broken cords in the sash weights or nailed. 
  • Rotting or missing drip 
  • Loose, cracked, rotting or missing external casing 
  • Missing putty that is holding that panes of glass 
  • Severe water infiltrations 

These factors will serve as your guideline in choosing the right option for your window. 

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